Zydus Cadila – a Reputable Pharmaceutical Company from India

Zydus Cadila takes pride in providing nothing less than best in global healthcare. Focusing primarily on pharmaceutical products, it offers an eclectic selection of formulations, healthcare, and even wellness products for animals. Zydus, in particular, boasts of building a reputation in the healthcare industry for over 60 years now. The company was the result of the integration of Cadila Healthcare as a sub-branch in 1995, accompanying significant changes that were introduced to its operations. It was also during that year that it ranked as the 4th major pharmaceutical company in India.

Zydus Cadila could not have enjoyed its robust development through the years without focusing on continuous expansion into new areas of pharmaceutics. The company is known for developing and launching new products regularly, and this fact could not be highlighted more by the growing list of products that visitors may easily peruse on their official website. It has, in particular, trumped other players in the pharmaceutical market in categories like respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, pain management, dermatology, and men’s health, among others.



Since it’s an Indian pharmaceutical company, the majority of what it has to offer are sold in the inner market. Nonetheless, the company’s products have been also sold in many foreign countries; these include Brazil, France, the Philippines, the USA, and Vietnam, to cite a few. It also sets apart the well-known Zydus Generics that have served as the gauge of quality excellence that the company is known for.

The company’s versatility is all the more highlighted by their established competence in the field of animal health industry. Their subsidiary Zydus AH is known for being able to cater to the needs of various animal species. It has since become the top choice of farming and veterinary groups in India. This could not have been possible without their equally vigorous efforts in bettering their products through consistent research.


The dedication of the company to the field of health care is also underscored by its placing equal importance on research. Even as of this writing, many dozens of its researches are finding out innovative ways to combat the most dangerous conditions and diseases that people have to put up with in these modern times. Cancer, for one, is one of the primary targets of Zydus Cadila’s research efforts.

The company’s research focus is further organized into categories such as:

  • NCE Research which seeks to find better cures for chronic diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular ailments.
  • The second is Biologics, which seeks to counteract not only different kinds of cancers but inflammations and infectious diseases as well; their Biologics division boasts of being the largest facility in India that manufactures monoclonal antibodies.
  • The third are vaccines which give more attention to virus diseases. Its headquarters is the Vaccine Technology Centre, but it also has another branch in Italy. This division seeks to develop vaccines for next-generation forms of common diseases like Influenza, hepatitis (A, B, and E), typhoid fever, measles, and malaria.

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