The Importance of Self Screening for Breast Cancer and How to Do It Properly

Breast cancer is a nightmare of every woman regardless of her age and social status. According to statistics, about 1.7 million cases of this disease are diagnosed yearly worldwide. When it comes to the developed countries in general and the United States in particular, it’s estimated that approximately 12 percent of women develop breast cancer at some point in their lives.

The sooner a disease is detected, the easier treatment tends to be with a better prognosis – and this is even more true when it comes to cancer. So it goes without saying that breast exams are crucial and should be performed regularly. And you don’t necessarily need to go to the doctor for the procedure; you just need to learn how to perform a breast self-exam in the right way.

In the video below, Dr. Lisa Cassileth shows how to examine your breasts properly so that you can do it yourself at home.

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