Prescription Quote

Prescription price quotes can be obtained over the Internet by clicking HERE or by calling us directly at 800-443-5409 (Central Time, Monday thru Saturday).  We try to respond to on-line price quote requests within 48 hours.  We’re always willing to give you our everyday low price on any prescription drug.  Please note that the prices quoted are net prices with no other discounts applicable.  We don’t try to confuse you or deceive you with a price less a discount, etc.  Our price is our price is our price.  We do not charge for shipping or handling on any prescription order sent by First Class U.S. Mail.

Prescription Pricing

Prices at all pharmacies are NOT the same.  Just because someone tells you he’s giving you a discount (or prints one on your receipt) doesn’t mean you can’t buy the same medication for a lot less someplace else.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting the best deal possible because you’re taking generic drugs.  Prices of generic drug prescriptions vary dramatically from pharmacy to pharmacy.

If you want to be treated fairly and be confident that you’re getting a very good price day in and day out on your prescriptions, we invite you to call or request a price quote by clicking HERE.  We’ll give you our everyday price without asking your name and we won’t even ask what you’re currently paying! (A pharmacy that won’t reveal their price until you’ve told them what you are currently paying is not giving you an honest price.)

We ask that you seriously consider giving us the opportunity to be your pharmacy. People in north central Kansas and south central Nebraska have been trusting us with their prescription needs for 104 years.   There’s a good reason for that trust, we’re consistently fair and we don’t play pricing games.  And, of course we provide drug interaction screening and patient profiles for all our prescription patients.


All prescription orders are shipped via First Class U.S. Mail.  We do not charge for shipping or handling on any prescription order.

Payment and Terms

If you have established an account with us, all purchases will be billed to that account unless you specify otherwise when you order.  If you do not have an account, we do accept Visa and Master Card credit cards.