Pregnancy is a crucial moment in the life of every woman. It is always something unknown, sensational and very exciting. Pregnancy is a natural condition, however, it requires certain preparation. Once the pregnancy occurs, a female body is going to experience a lot of changes.

First of all, from the moment when a pregnancy test shows a positive result, the woman has to be provided with proper medical care and support during the whole period. As a rule, an obstetrician-gynaecologist is found in advance on the stage of planning a baby. It is important to find the right reliable expert, who will be able to guarantee a healthy course of pregnancy and following delivery. At the same time, the woman has to get ready for a number of surprises that she will have to face. Some of them are pleasant, some aren’t.


It is important to realize that pregnancy is not a disease, so it does not have to affect your everyday life. You can keep going to work, meeting friends, doing hobbies, etc. However, some lifestyle modifications should be made. Carrying heavy things and intense physical activity should be reduced. Many pregnant women attend classes to do exercises, that are adapted to their condition. They help to stay active and healthy without any harm to the baby.

Any pregnancy is strictly individual, that’s why it doesn’t make much sense to consult with your friends, should you have any questions. It is better to find a proved source of information (specialized literature) and an experienced medical expert to give you a good piece of advice.

The most important period in pregnancy is the first 4 weeks. It is the time when the actual intrauterine development of the fetus runs. At this time, the woman has to pay a lot of attention to her own health and well-being. Positive emotions and good mood of the future mother have a favorable impact on the fetus. When the woman feels happy, her body produces «happiness hormones» that influence the baby too. For this reason, it is recommended to avoid stressful situations, plan each day (to distribute duties equally and avoid mess), spend time in the fresh air, and plan healthy nutrition.

On early stages of pregnancy, many women experience toxicosis and morning sickness. This happens because the body gets adjusted to the new condition on different levels (hormonal, physical, emotional). The most popular remedies to relieve the symptoms include drinking water with mint or lemon, adding ginger to the diet, eating light foods with a little salt (a salted piece of bread or toast will do well).

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