Do You Know How to Sit Properly?

In the contemporary world, there are so many jobs that involve sitting for long hours. A lack of physical activity is a serious problem leading to obesity and lots of health complications. However, even the actual act of sitting can be quite adverse if you do it in the wrong way. There are so many people out there experiencing back and/or neck pain.

The bad news is that this kind of pain tends to take on a chronic form and doesn’t respond easily to a treatment. There is also good news, however. You can considerably reduce your back and neck pain – or even prevent it altogether – by learning how to sit properly. The truth of the matter is that most cases of chronic back and neck pain come as a result of the wrong sitting posture. So, the video below, done by two professional physical therapists, offers you essential recommendations as to how to improve your sitting posture, which in turn will help you keep back and neck pain at bay.

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