Dadha Pharma Ltd – a Company That Does Not Settle for the Indian Market Only

Not so long ago, Viagra ruled the market of ED drugs, unchallenged by other erectile dysfunction treatments. However, many pharmaceutical companies around the world were quick to start manufacturing their own versions of sildenafil and tadalafil, which are now commonly referred to as generic Viagra and generic Cialis respectively.

When it comes to the latter, Dadha Pharma Ltd, an Indian pharmaceutical company, is among the manufacturers you can thank for an easy access to generic Cialis. The company produces its own version of tadalafil under the name Tadalista.


Indian pharma sector

The Dadha family has come far since their early days. Not everyone who uses the company’s multiple products today realizes that it has been around for over eighty years. Dadha pharma first came onto the scene back in 1935.

By then it operated merely as a pharmaceutical retailing business. It bought medical products and supplies and resold them to customers that needed them. However, Dadha has eventually turned into a company that is well placed in the Indian pharmaceutical industry – one of the most competitive pharmaceutical markets in the world. This didn’t take months or years but decades. It wasn’t until 1972 that the Dadha family finally begun to transform, becoming a drug manufacturing company as we know it today.

True success for Dadha Pharma Limited as a pharmaceutical company with international reach began when they merged Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals (their manufacturing unit) with Sun Pharma. This deal took place in 1996 and allowed Dadha Pharma to quickly gain prominence. Today, Dadha Pharma is a highly successful company with its headquarters in Chennai. It has become a trusted source of pharmaceutical products, well known for providing quality and variety.


While there are a number of factors responsible for all the success Dadha Pharma Limited has enjoyed, the issue of cost is probably one of the most prominent ones. For sure, Dadha Pharma is home to a number of branded drugs. However, it is because of the cheaper alternative versions they have on offer that Dadha has achieved such success, both in India and abroad. For many people, the attraction of Dadha Pharma Ltd is in their large offering of generic alternatives to commonly utilized medicines. These generic versions are far cheaper than their branded counterparts, which gives Dadha a place on different pharmaceutical markets around the world.

Despite its reputation for providing generic alternatives of branded products, Dadha Pharma Limited has always emphasized quality above anything else. Furthermore, the company places emphasis on drugs with FDA approval, thus ensuring that their clients receive only the best possible product. Their determination to only deliver the highest quality products at the most competitive prices has allowed them to stand apart from their competitors.

The company uses a team of experienced professionals that provide efficiency in both production and marketing. In the recent years, Dadha Pharma’s integration of technology has let the company access a few well-developed markets including the American one.

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  1. I would like to purchase Tadalista from your company , my name is Jack Barnes , I have purchased from your company in the past .

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