Cipla Limited: One Of The Most Successful Pharmaceutical Companies In The World

The role India plays in the global health industry

India appears to be one of the global leaders when it comes to revolutionary changes in the healthcare industry. In fact, the number of people traveling to India in search of medical services reached 237,000 in 2013 with the majority of them coming from the United States, Bangladesh, and the United Kingdom. These figures show that India offers top-grade treatment facilities for anyone seeking treatment. Additionally, the country is also one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical sector. Currently, India ranks as the third largest producer of medicinal drugs in the world in terms of volume.

However, it is also important to note that Indian pharmaceutical firms do not charge exorbitant prices for their drugs even though they produce so many of them. For this reason, India ranks as the fourteenth largest producer of medicinal drugs in terms of value.

Cipla Limited becomes a leader in the global pharmaceutical industry

Cipla building

One of the principal Indian pharmaceutical firms is Cipla Limited. This company has its headquarters in various nations across the world namely Mumbai in India, Miami in the USA, Surrey in the United Kingdom. Having this kind of global reach allows the company to develop and tailor the products to specific populations in the world. Additionally, its wide geographic spread allows the company to understand particular illnesses from multiple perspectives. In so doing, Cipla is able to develop drugs that respond to a variety of environmental conditions. Moreover, this strategic advantage over it competitors allows the company to focus on various illnesses of global concern including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and weight control among other diseases.

The company founded by Dr. Khwaja Hamied is quite successful with a market capitalization of about $7.7 billion making the forty-second largest company in India in terms of its market value. Cipla owns 34 manufacturing centers in India alone in addition to its presence in over 170 countries. The company has about 22,000 employees worldwide. It means that employees of Cipla can fill about 30% of the Old Trafford stadium in the UK owned by the world-renowned Manchester Football Club.

Cipla is famous for its dedication to improving the living standards of its clients. For example, the company reduced the cost of its cancer drugs by 50% in 2012. Recently, the company also turned its attention to a problem rarely spoken about in society i.e. erectile dysfunction (ED).

Erectile dysfunction is a common medical condition

Sex is an important part of relationships between men and women in any society across the world. Unfortunately, erectile dysfunction in men – especially older ones – is quite common. The causes of this medical condition vary from person to person. In most cases ED comes as a result of the natural process of aging. However, some develop it because of drug abuse, neurogenic disorders, or cavernosal disorders. Psychological issues and kidney failure are also potential causes of this illness. People who have undergone surgery in the penile may also suffer from the symptoms of ED.

pills production

Studies show that at least 40% of men suffer from this medical condition occasionally. Unfortunately, many of them keep quiet about it because male pride doesn’t allow them to open up even to their doctors. However, the Internet makes it possible for a person to anonymously purchase a product online. This kind of privacy removes the awkward moments men feel when they go to their local pharmacy and ask for products that can help them deal with their ED issues.

Cipla’s offers at least three solutions – Tadacip, Suhagra and Silagra – for ED problems in men.

Tadacip is a drug that comes in form of an orange-colored tablet. One tablet contains 20 milligrams of tadalafil. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to take effect and at times this effect might last as long as 36 hours.

Suhagra is a sildenafil citrate drug that comes in 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg pills. The color is normally close to white. Sildenafil inhibits the function of phosphodiesterase-5 improving the flow of blood to the penile area making the penis erect. The ingredients in Silagra and their effects are similar to those in Suhagra. 

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