An Introduction to Ajanta Pharma

Have you heard of Kamagra? Even if you haven’t, it might still sound familiar because of its name consonant with the name of hugely popular Viagra. So Kamagra is also a sildenafil-based drug for erectile dysfunction produced by one of the leading Indian laboratories named Ajanta Pharma Ltd.

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is one that thrives in many aspects. On one hand, Indian manufacturer laboratories are popular because they offer a large variety of generic medications for some of the most well-known branded drugs in the world. Better yet, they are sold online at incredibly accessible prices. On the other hand, these companies benefit from a highly valued investment in R&D and the expertise of some of the greatest and most highly educated minds of their field, which give them a competitive advantage.

kamagra oral jelly

Ajanta Pharma is one of the most experienced and reputed Indian pharmaceutical companies. It was founded back in 1973 and enjoys great success worldwide, having established itself in large markets like that of the United States. The company and its individual personalities have been the recipients of several international awards and accolades in the medical and entrepreneurial fields.

The company focuses on manufacturing innovative, specialty and generic medications. Their motto is “Clear Vision, Clear Execution”, and it means to reflect their 4 main focus points which are markets, innovation, capacity and people, as it’s clearly stated on their website.

Ajanta Pharma develops, manufactures and sells a large number of both generic medications and completely new formulations. While they are probably better known as the manufacturer of abovementioned Kamagra, one of the leading alternative medications to Viagra, the company also focuses a lot of their effort on R&D, as a way to improve on existing formulas and come up with entirely new ones.

The Indian-born company now operates in a range of markets and segments worldwide, and they have successfully developed prescription drugs for the fields of cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology and pain management.

Aside from Kamagra, which is completely unique among sildenafiI-based generic drugs because it is available in a number of different formats, dosages and formulations, Ajanta is also the laboratory behind other popular brand-name drugs such as Melacare and Artefan, for example.

In case you’re not familiar with these medications, Melacare is in fact a face cream intended for skin lightening. This kind of product, which is particularly popular in Asia, is used both to lighten the skin color in general as well as to treat conditions like hyperpigmentation which leave the skin tone uneven.

Artefan, for its part, is an anti-malaria drug which is used to deal with severe cases of the disease, and which is recognized by the WHO as one of the crucial drugs to prevent deaths from malaria.

All in all, Ajanta Pharma has an impressive catalog of 130 different pharmaceutical products, which is expected to grow in the future. The company is also present in 49 other countries worldwide, spanning all 5 continents, and harboring a team of 6000 dedicated “ajantaires”.

As a brand, Ajanta Pharma has its biggest market share in impoverished and emerging countries, for which it caters with medications that target the most prominent diseases in those particular areas. To a large extent, it is serving these large populations and their needs that makes Ajanta Pharma one of the most popular pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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