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Prescription Price Quotes… can be obtained over the Internet by clicking on the Price Quote button at the bottom of our home page (or click here) or by calling us directly at 800-443-5409 (Central Time, Monday thru Saturday). We try to respond to on-line price quote requests within 48 hours. We’re always willing to give you our everyday low price on any prescription drug. Please note that the prices quoted are net prices with no other discounts applicable. We don’t try to confuse you or deceive you with a price less a discount, etc. Our price is our price is our price. We do not charge for shipping or handling on any prescription order sent by First Class U.S. Mail.

Ordering Refill Prescriptions…is as simple as filling out the Refill Prescription page. Access by clicking on the button at the bottom of our home page, or by clicking here Orders received by 4 P.M. Central Time will usually be shipped that same day. However, bear in mind that if your prescription is out of refills, etc., it may be a couple days before we get a refill authorization back from your doctor. To help ensure delivery before you run out, you should try to order your prescriptions when you have about 1 weeks supply left. Be sure to include any special instructions (such as a quantity that is different from normal, or a special address you want the Rx mailed to) in the comment field. All prescriptions are sent First Class U.S. Mail. We do not charge for shipping or handling on any prescription order sent by U.S. Mail.

Ordering New Prescriptions…Kansas law does not allow us to fill new prescriptions that have been faxed or E-Mailed to us. You must either mail us the original written prescription from your doctor, or we must speak to your doctor by telephone to get the prescription. If there are refills left on a prescription that you have been getting at another pharmacy, we can call that pharmacy and have your prescription transferred to us. All options will work, transferring from your current pharmacy is the fastest, going thru your doctor is usually a little slower. And, as before, we do not charge for shipping or handling on any prescription order sent by First Class U.S. Mail.

Ordering Durable Medical and Sick Room Equipment…We stock a complete line of home health and medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, quad canes, canes, wheeled walkers, reacher/grabbers, aerosol compressor/nebulizers (Pulmoaides, etc.), bath tub and shower seats, commodes, toilet safety frames, and elevated toilet seats. These items are nearly always in stock and are shipped same day directly to you from our warehouse via U.P.S.

Many of the items in this category are covered by Medicare. If you have Medicare coverage please call and ask to speak to Linda at our toll-free (U.S.A.) number 800-443-5409. She’ll be happy to explain to you the ins and outs of Medicare coverage for these types of equipment.

Ordering Gift Merchandise…Please call us at 800-443-5409 to inquire about our wide variety of gift merchandise. Gift merchandise is shipped same day from our stock on hand. A partial list of lines carried is listed below. Special orders are non-returnable. Gift merchandise is normally shipped via First Class U.S. Mail. We will also ship UPS for an additional charge.

Shipping…All prescription orders are shipped via First Class U.S. Mail. We do not charge for shipping or handling on any prescription order. Durable Medical/Sick Room Equipment is shipped via UPS with a reasonable shipping and handling charge applied. Gift Merchandise may be shipped by either First Class U.S. Mail or UPS. Reasonable shipping and handling charges will be applied.

Payment and Terms…If you have established an account with us, all purchases will be billed to that account unless you specify otherwise when you order. If you do not have an account, we do accept Visa and Master Card credit cards.

About Us…Arbuthnot Drug Company was established in 1886 by C.M. Arbuthnot, M.D., a genuine frontier physician and “dispenser of cures.” Since then the business he started as an adjunct to his medical practice has been operated continuously in Republic County Kansas by 4 generations of his descendents. Arbuthnot Drug Company was then and is today a true family owned and operated business.

Our goal has always been to provide pharmaceuticals to our patients at a reasonable price along with service that is second to none. Today, Arbuthnot Drug Company is a full service modern pharmacy. Besides prescription medications we provide typical over-the-counter remedies as well as durable medical and sick room equipment.

One of our specialties in the pharmacy department is custom compounded medications. In addition to a wide variety of creams, lotions and ointments, we routinely compound several formulas of aerosol medications for use in home compressor-nebulizers by patients with emphysema, COPD, or asthma. Aerosol medications of this type are normally covered by Medicare. If you have Medicare coverage, please call us toll free (U.S.A.) at 800-443-5409 and ask to speak to a member of our pharmacy staff for details.

We also compound a number of medications in capsule form for oral administration. If you require a custom compounded medication for whatever reason, chances are very good that we can make it for you.

Home Respiratory Services… We provide home oxygen services to patients that live within 60 miles of Belleville, KS. We routinely place oxygen concentrators, compressed gas oxygen, medication nebulizers, IPPB machines, and CPAP in the home so patients can remain at home or convalesce in the comfort of their own home. Our 3 certified respiratory technicians are all kind, caring, compassionate people who are very good at making you comfortable with your home respiratory equipment and therapy.

A few words about Prescription Pricing… Prices at all pharmacies are NOT the same. Just because someone tells you he’s giving you a discount (or prints one on your receipt) doesn’t mean you can’t buy the same medication for a lot less someplace else. Don’t be fooled into thinking you’re getting the best deal possible because you’re taking generic drugs. Prices of generic drug prescriptions vary dramatically from pharmacy to pharmacy.

If you want to be treated fairly and be confident that you’re getting a very good price day in and day out on your prescriptions, we invite you to call or request a price quote by clicking here. We’ll give you our everyday price without asking your name and we won’t even ask what you’re currently paying! (A pharmacy that won’t reveal their price until you’ve told them what you are currently paying is not giving you an honest price.)

We ask that you seriously consider giving us the opportunity to be your pharmacy. People in north central Kansas and south central Nebraska have been trusting us with their prescription needs for 104 years. There’s a good reason for that trust, we’re consistently fair and we don’t play pricing games. And, of course we provide drug interaction screening and patient profiles for all our prescription patients.

Gift Department…We are extremely proud of our extensive gift department which includes lines such as Yankee Candle; Boyd’s Collection; Ty; Cast Art Dreamsicle Cherubs; Hallmark Christmas Ornaments; Lefton Colonial Village; Camille Beckman Creams and Lotions; Claire Burke Fragrances for the Home; Nativity Sets by Fontanini; Frames by Burnes of Boston , RareWoods, & Carr.

If you have any questions about product pricing or availability in any of these lines, please call our 800 number (800-443-5409) and a customer service representative will be happy to help you.

We offer a computerized Bridal Registry Service in our gift department. We encourage the prospective bride and groom to register their selections ahead of their wedding day to help assure a match between what they want and what they get!

The World Wide Web/Internet can be a very impersonal way to do business, and honestly it runs a little bit counter to the way we’ve always operated. For over 100 years now we’ve done business by building personal relationships with our customers. So, if you’re comfortable with the ‘net,’ fine. But if you ever need or want to speak to us to ask a question or make a comment, just pick up the telephone and call toll-free (in the U.S.A.) 800-443-5409. If you do call, you’ll be pleased to find out that our calls are all answered by real live people who are very good at their job of taking care of our customers. Try us and see. Our normal business hours are 8:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M Monday thru Friday, and 9:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. on Saturdays (Central Time).

Thank you for visiting our web site and for taking the time to read all “About Us.”