ArbuthnotDrug: Healing As a Community

ArbuthnotDrug is a free online health community that empowers patients with health information, support, and connection to care providers. The concept behind it is that everyone can live healthier by relying on peer education. On this interactive site, you can search for information regarding a medical condition and learn from the personal experiences of other patients. The support we provide can supplement or precede professional healthcare. On ArbuthnotDrug will help to improve your health literacy and help you find better health support.

How Our Site Can Help You

You can use ArbuthnotDrug to find healthcare information for you and your loved ones. You get access to health and support community members any time you need it. The result is a better quality of life for patients living with long term conditions, better decision making for those seeking medical help and companionship for patients who feel alone.

Using ArbuthnotDrug:

  • Ask questions
  • Find a support group
  • Meet helpful members
  • Browse health articles
  • Join ArbuthnotDrug community for free

Step 1: Ask Questions

No matter what health condition you have, you are never alone. ArbuthnotDrug is a safe place to ask anything health related. Type your question in the dialogue box and click on the Ask button. Our algorithms will share your question to thousands of our members who have either the expertise or personal experience to respond to it.

Asking a question is free, and ArbuthnotDrug will instantly notify you when someone responds to your question. You can expect to receive more than one answer, and in that case, we will vote on the most precise one. To have a feel of what that is about, you can go through the list of recent questions and answers in the Recent Questions section.

Step 2: Browse Support Groups

On ArbuthnotDrug you will find hundreds of communities of people who have the same health interests or condition as you. People in these communities are helping each other live their healthiest by sharing useful information and emotional support. Some members in the communities have advanced medical knowledge too. Start your journey now by browsing through the ArbuthnotDrug Support Groups. When we heal together, we heal faster.

Step 3: Find Helpful Members

ArbuthnotDrug has thousands of member profiles that you can browse through to find someone worth connecting with. Millions of people reach out to each other on ArbuthnotDrug for support, guidance, and motivation. You can search members by their profile information such as gender, age, location and health interests.

Live Chat: Immediately start conversations with members that are online!

Once you find a member you share similar interest with, you can add them on your friend’s list to start conversations. Our site enables live chat for members that are online. You will enjoy privacy through the Personal Inbox feature. All the conversations you share in the private chat will remain closed to all other members outside the chat.

Step 4: Browse through health articles

Whether it is pregnancy, diabetes, heart disease, mental health or diet and fitness that you want to learn about, our search engine will give you the most relevant results. You will find information on thousands of medical conditions, symptoms, treatments, and management tips. Simply navigate to the ArbuthnotDrug Health Search Engine and start searching. Our health search engine has received 4 awards and mentioned on CNN as the best health search engine.

The search feature on ArbuthnotDrug is very intuitive with a spell checker and autocomplete capability. You don’t have to struggle with correct spellings of medical terms anymore, ArbuthnotDrug will know in advance with just a few letters into the word.

You can use the Health Articles Ranked by the Community feature to speed up your research. ArbuthnotDrug Health Search Engine can also provide you with meaningful health content by suggesting related search terms as searched by other members. The reliability of the site is also verifiable from a list of health organizations that have accredited the content.

Step 5: Join ArbuthnotDrug

Joining ArbuthnotDrug is free. It takes less than 10 seconds to become a member. After that, you get access to content, community support, and conversations from people with similar interests as you. You can find answers to your questions, understand health conditions and gain emotional support. The knowledge and support you receive will help you make better health choices. Join the ArbuthnotDrug Community now for free.